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Rencontre de Neirie en voyage n°2 : Alexandra Frey & Eleanor Megraw, Hampi, Mars 2009

P1060573 [800x600].JPGI will keep on posting my notes, but for the time being, here the first interview of people I have met during my travelling. You will read other interview of Indian People as well, other travelers ,in order to have not only "my" view of India... Hope you will enjoy it.

It will be followed in each country by some of my friends... Enjoy :). I met Elly and Alex in Hampi. If you want to read the stories, you can click HERE or HERE.

Who are you ?

A : 27, Alexandra, Swiss/Student

E : I'm Ellie, I'm 27 and of no real fix abode at the moment. Up until March this year I was working as a Headhunter in

Alex, why did you decide to go to India ?

It was an inner voice that told me to go to india. I knew that I had to go there. There was no way to escape! My life was pretty messed up and I knew I needed some time for myself in order to calm down, get away from my friends, family and all the values and norms of western society. That sounds pretty hippish, but.... It wasn't. I am still not a hippie, haha

Elly, why did you decide to start a round world trip & why did you put India in your travel ?

I was really hating my job and couldn't figure out how to make myself happy. Eliza, a very good friend, had just come back from an ashram and she thought it would be perfect for me to go take some time out and try and understand what it is I am looking from life!! Then it all kind of steamrolled from there and the trip became an around the world one!!

We met all together in Hampi, where were you before, and after ? What is/are your best souvenir(s) in India and why ?

A : Before we met in Hampi I was doing volunteer work in an Ashram in Bangalore for two months for some NGO. Stupid PR work ;-) favourite souvenir is a bracelet I brought home. I also brought my best friends one and they are all wearing it till today. God knows why ;-)

E : Alex andI had just left the ashram in Bangalore and were actually on our way to Goa and we decided to put Hampi in there as it was on the way and a lot of people recommended it to me!! So we spent 10 days or so in Goa and then I headed off to Bangkok to start the next bit of my trip!

What is/are your worst/hardest souvenirs ?
What is/are your best souvenir(s) in India and why ?

A : Hardest souvenir? Well, it's pretty hard, or it takes a lot of time to read all the thousand books I brought home. But I wouldn't consider that hard!

E : I've put these two questions together because I don't really have that much that I liked about India!! I met some amazing people but all of them from Western Countries and that is about it for the best things. It may have been that I wasn't in the right frame of mind for India but I thought it was dirty, sinister and the people were so arrogant.

If you have to define India for you, what would you say ?

A : Well, someone told me once that all the people who visit India get a present. Get something very special from that country. And yes, I got the biggest gift of my life from India! It made me realize what I HAVE to become! And it changed my life forever!

E : I think the above covers that!!

Elly, since then you have travelled a lot, where are you now, and what is your regard on India after the other countries you have visited ?

After India it made every country I visited 10 times better than it maybe should have been!! Since India, I have been to Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, China and I have been in Bali for the last 2 months nearly!!  But in all these countries I found so many nice people and even when they were trying to rip you off they did it with a smile on their faces!!!

Alex, you are very keen on women/men relashionship because of your new orientation (can you told us a little bit more about this ?), concerning India, what would be your feelings about men and women in India ?

Well, in India, although I already knew I was going to be a sex therapist since I was 22, I decided to follow that inner urge. And it had turned out to be the most important thing in my life. I talked to one guy about sex in India. Sex with his wife. And I found out that the sex lives of pretty much all the couples in India suck! They are not open enough. Communication on sex issues doesn't exist and most men enjoy themselves in brothels. And this behaviour is socially accepted.

To conclude, what would be your recommandations for the people who would like/want to go to India ?

A : Expectations reduce joy ;-)

E : If i was to do it again I would definitely go with a man. I know that sounds strange coming from 'Miss Independent' but it is a mans world there. It would just make things a whole lot easier! I think no matter what country you are visiting you should always be open to it. I have learned that now, maybe if I was to go again it might be a different experience!

Some other more words ?
A : I still cant belive how fortunate I am that I could go to India and my god....... Experience all these hard, beautiful, whatever things this country gave to me ☺

E: I think it goes without saying and Laurence think you will agree with me, but I think everyone should go traveling and maybe at a later stage in their lives as well, it make you stronger person and more open to new situations!


Thank you very much Girls ! Elly, of course I agree with you that every one should one in one's life try to travel alone and discover the world.. I think that was probably one of the best decisions I have ever taken in my life !

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