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15.07.09 // Departure from Saïgon....

2 am. Just finished to pack my luggages. I could have packaged before. I could. But I needed to wait until the last minute, to realise what was happening... I arrived in Saïgon on the 4th of June. I was so sad having left Tokyo, so excited by this new story.... And that was a complete new different story. Now I am about to be back to Tokyo in few days. It is going to be fun to see how I "see" Tokyo after one month and a half down here, after Vietnam....

Vietnam was a very rich experience : going to University, learning languages and the people of course. I remember when I arrived here the first evening. I remember that I didn't understood almost anything. Now... I can speak a little bit in the street, and understand. Now... I don't need a map to ride with my motorbike in the main districts. Now...  I can ride, and I couldn't before. Now... I have my first and advanced degree of scubdiving. Now... I know what is this such amazing feeling of being under the sea. Now... I have my "life" as well in Saigon. Now.... I have met wonderful vietnamese girls. My stay in Saigon has been so great thanks to : Minh, Phuong, Huyen. Now...  I wil miss my classroom and some of my new "student" friends" :  mainly Mark & Inukai (and Kohei, but Kohei is back to Japan). Now... I will miss my "vietnamese" family (friends of my father in fact) but they know how to cook crêpes, rosebeef, quiche, moelleux au chocolat & gateau au citron and they loved it. Now... I remember all the travelers I have met (Christiane, Raul, Steve, Adrien, Kevin, Colin,  Pascal, Melanie, Max, Olive.... ....) Now...  I have so many landscapes in my mind (Phu Quoc, Hoi An, Nha Trang) and still some to come (Sapa). Now... I have prepared myself to my near return to France.

Vietnam has been an essential spiritual step as well. Vietnam has made me closer to my family. It was important to leave in the city of my parents. And about to leave Saigon, I only have this sentence in my mind "Family is important", whatever family you choose...


.... Tomorrow : Hanoi.

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My dear niece.
I agree with you when you said "Family is important".I left my country almost 35 years ago. I never forget"mon pays natal". I already visited Hoi An, DaNang,Hue,Quang Tri,Dong Ha.. during the time I was in the military before 1975. VN is a very beautiful country although I still have too many bad memories about the war. The country was unified but we are still divided in our mind! My only wish is seing Viet Nam being truthly independent from any supremacy outsource. The long VN history in the past already proves her existence. My only hope depends on my children generation,your generation...I am almost belong to the past...I am waiting to read more about your next trip. Lolo you are a wonderful reporter! I like your website.

Your uncle from USA

Écrit par : Dat Nguyen | 24/01/2010

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