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Saigon's update in english...

25 Juin 2009 - 14h27 // 9h27 à Paris.

Some of my friends asked me to write in english, in fact it depends of the mood... Sometimes I feel like writing in english sometimes not. Sorry for all my foreigners friends... Christiane, I decided to write this one in english, as we just discussed about it few days ago. (Sorry for the grammatical and vocabulary's mistakes)

I haven't forgotten to update my travel from India to Tokyo but... the exercice of a daily diary in this type of travel is - even for me - a quite difficult exercise as... we quickly realise that the "notes" only show a little part of our trip. I felt quickly frustrated to only write a simple naration of what I was doing, even if I will finish the diary of course... What is important in those type of travel is not what we see, or all the wonderful things/monument/landscape we are discovering... but the sum of those million of details, the daily life.

I have realised that this will be almost the end of this incredible experience.

As all the other travelers like me that I have met or that I am following (have some friends on the road as well), we have the same question : how can we ome back to a normal life after that ? How is it going to be ? We can already feel a "jetlag" with the people who stayed and yourself when trying to discuss with some of them. Sometimes it can also be sources of misunderstandings, which in a way, makes you feel you have changed as well, even if remaining the same. Must be a quite identical feeling for the expatriates.

You are happy to come back, to find again all the people you miss (because you miss a lot the people even if you live very rich experiences) that can let them think you don't miss them), even your "town", and - in my case - the french way of living .. the café.. and some other details.

But... But living abroad for a while, or traveling among so many different cultures can not be without consequences. Even the people who stayed in your native country changed as well, even if..

Internet give the illusion of a proximity and it is a wonderful way to keep contact.. but it is as well a sort of "illusion". Coming back will be quite strange, I already know it... And all the travelers like me try to anticipate their returns in order not to be too ... out of life. The people you love can feel hurt you to tell them you don't feel like coming back home, but it is not against them... It is just... I really can't explain it though.

For the time being, I am now in Saigon since the 4th June. My "daily diary" will not be like the other countries as I "live" in Saigon and not visit Saigon. It is another experience. So rich as well. Every morning I am going to University taking my vietnamese lessons until 10 am. Then after, we usually take a short drink before all going in our different directions. I spent lot of time at the french Embassy as it is closed to my University and Minh is there too. This is so funny to be in a office without being part of this office. For HOME's people, I feel as if I was sort of Roberto !

After lunch I usually study there, helping from times to times the cultural service when they have questions.... and during the evening, dinners, or other activities. Week-end away of Saigon or daily life, market, shopping, restaurant... It is quite great to have a "rythm" again after few months without (almost) any. Saigon is not a city I have discovered, but living there is something else...  I start to have my "places" where I like to go, some cafés, restaurants.. I progressively don't need a map to drive around which is great... Meeting people as usual.... Saigon is amazing city, quite tiring but amazing...

So I will be on the road again very soon as I want to go to see Angkor, and try to keep on going to Bangkok. I will probably leave around the 5th July to this short trip, be in Saigon again on the 14th for the Embassy's party, then 15th departure from Saigon to go up to Dalat, Nha Trang, Hoi An. Of course that can change again, but what is sure is that I am leaving Vietnam on the 27th of July to reach Tokyo :)

Here for the little update.. there gonna be more publications within the days but in french (sorry) as it's more some "articles" more than "notes"....

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