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Tokyo - 4h28 - 1er juin...

P1090021.JPGIt is more than one month today that I am now in Japan... I will leave next thursday (4th June) to Vietnam, directly to Saigon, as my Vietnamese lessons will start on Monday 8th of June (every morning from 8 am to 10 am... I think that my "vacations" are quite over for this time but this going to be great). And I will have cooking lessons as well all the afternoons. 

I will stay longer in Vietnam than I have expected at the beginning for several reasons... Mainly because I feel like that. I will decide of my travel's change while being in Saigon.

This is so amazing now to realize I am going to leave Tokyo, and all the people I have lived with since one month. Japan will be probably another strong souvenir because of lot of reasons. It is the first country where I am staying so long, and so many things have happened...

The first part with Fabrice O. was quite surrealistic. Seing him in Japan again after having left him in Hong-Kong... He has become sort of my flat mate, and I think he will agree if I am saying that our new common souvenirs made us becoming closer. He is part of my travel as all the other people and friends that have contributed to this long and amazing trip.

Then A. G... What can I say about my so special friend? So much, and nothing at the same time. It cannot be summed up in few lines. Fabrice O. was a good buddy friend and became a close friend...

A. G. is already one of my closest friend, and as we already have spent quite a lot vacations together it was wonderful to have him in Japan, even if that was hard for me to manage it as well, for other reasons. Probably one of them was that we were expecting both of us something different. Anyway, he was there for me as he has always been so many times, when I had my very bad new. Life is great for that. I could have been alone, but he was there. It was really hard for me to see him leaving. This is why I can’t sum our japan’s time up in few lines. It's always hard seeing the persons you love leaving you especially when you are in that sort of trip, because you know you will not see them before months.

Then I was on my own again… That was strange at the beginning, and it took me a little bit time to recover “my” travel, but now that I am about to leave, I can hardly believe that all those things have happened in one month. Lot of joy and life’s surprises, lot of good friend’s parties and dinners, lot of discussions, lot of pain and sadness as well, and lot of … unexpected events. I love Japan as I love Manhattan. Perhaps more... Or perhaps is it just different? Probably. How will I see New York now that I have known Tokyo ?

The big surprise of this end of “Japan’s episode” was Alain’s visiting in Tokyo… I was so happy to see him, even if it was only for one short – too short – evening. I couldn’t believe him when he told me on the phone that he would be in Japan end of May. And I couldn’t believe it when I saw him in Tsukiji. Suddenly my last parisian’s months came up… Lita mainly. I needed this physical presence of someone close in a way as well, especially after the departure of A. G. It was like a wonderful rainbow.

And now I start to sump up this bunch of everything… and I think to myself “what a wonderful world”.


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